Ghosts in the Airport

A very recent, very strange experience happened to me in the airport. I was waiting for my flight to Florida to help my aunt move, and they were finally boarding. A woman across from me asked a question about her zone, and I tried to help her out. People tend to talk to me - a lot - and this was no different. She was visibly upset, and explained she was flying down to Florida to go to her brother’s funeral. She explained how he passed, and how they were close. Eventually, we line up and are making our way down the jetway. 

Traffic got backed up, so we were standing there, waiting to reach the plane. She started talking to me again. I turned to look at her as we chatted, and suddenly he was there beside her. Her brother. I knew instantly it was him. She had given no physical description whatsoever, but I knew it was him. He was a big guy, short wavy brown hair, tall, kind face. It startled me to see this, so I immediately turned away and said nothing more to this woman.

I should have asked her if that was what he looked like. I should have told her he was here for her because he knew she hated to fly. But instead I froze and turned away, too shocked to help her see her brother by her side. This was the first time anything like this had ever happened to me. I hope it isn’t the last. Next time I will be better prepared (I think).

(Source: saintlexi)